About Me!

My name is Jordi van der Plank. I am a Dutch 23 year-old, who has way more passions and hobbies, than time.
I am the founder of TheShelfman™, a company focused on video editing for several popular YouTubers. I also create my own YouTube content, mostly focused on creating games on my main YouTube channel TheShelfman, and comedically reviewing games on my other channel SirShelfu.

Besides creating games, which can be found on my page, I am also a filmmaker and now I am now also officially an author. In 2021 I published my debut novel Sorry About Me, inspired by my relationship with my brother, who has autism and is intellectually disabled.
It's safe to say that this book is really special to me.
You can find it on Amazon or, for more information, check out

I am an enthusiastic user of social media, especially Twitter and will probably Tweet something dumb, but in my eyes hilarious.
When I'm not working on some creative project, I'm either watching a movie or TV show (probably rewatching Harry Potter, Stranger Things, or Inception for the millionth time), or I'm pretending to be tough at a karate training.
I live with my parents, my sister and my two dogs in The Netherlands.

If you still have questions about me, or what I do, feel free to reach out to me on social media, or send me an email!

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